Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A Love Letter to WinCo

My kids help me make the shopping list and I go to the store prepared with a plan but I am always horrified when I get to the line and we look like a hot mess. 
This is what happens when you have good eaters and a mom who loves to experiment with recipes.  All the years through grad school, and even into the present money has been tight and we save a lot by not eating out and shopping smart. 
While this is all true, it isn't that helpful for the dude who ends up in line behind us.  When I look at that picture I think that next time I should start at the other end of the store I have a photo that shows some fresh fruits and vegetables instead of just chips and cereal.
I want to preserve this memory.  We are not sure where we will be living in a year but it is pretty clear that wherever it is, it will be a place without WinCo.  I will always have love for WinCo.  The low prices made it possible to feed my babies without having to go on public assistance and they somehow do it while paying their employees fairly.
Don't get me wrong. I believe in public assistance and I took a lot of relief in knowing that if we had needed it, it would have been there for us.  But, because of this beautiful store we were always able to meet our own needs.  I have made all kinds of recipes with things I found on the shelves and shoved into an overstuffed cart.
And also, the cookies.

Tuckered Out
 Everybody loves a good makeover.

This is why I still blog even though it 'aint cool anymore.

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