Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Daisy's Baptism

 We had the best time this past weekend with cousins, grandparents and friends all coming together to celebrate Daisy's baptism. 
There was a little time for some hijinks before the big day.
 That morning on a rainy run I came across a double rainbow. 
I know, it isn't an interesting story.  I still told it to anyone who would listen because it was one of those spiritual moments in my life that I never want to forget.
The picture doesn't even come close to catching how incredible it was to see all that color all the way across the sky. 
My friend commented that nature is the greatest artist and she was right.  This is such a beautiful world and I feel so lucky to be where I am at this moment. That rainbow reminded me again of all the joy and hope that makes life incredible. 

 Daisy was the sweetest.  She asked Nicole to give a talk and the meeting was spiritual and uplifting.  She was baptized by her dad and confirmed with a circle of good men that love her. 

Daisy and Jonny

Nicole has been a great mentor to all my kids.

Kathy makes such incredible quilts.
 I sure love my Daisy.  She is creative, smart, and fun to be around.  She has a calm soul and is like a rock in the middle of the chaos that is around her.  I was so happy to see her in the spotlight as she officially joined the church.  It was so nice to have family here to support her.

Anna and Bijoux
 It's great when your Abia makes cookies in the shape of an 8.  The kids had a great time decorating. Ike chose to have his cookie and frosting separate.

 Ike was really sad to see everyone leave.  Sometimes it is hard being 2.

 I made Cara take an awkward morning photo with me because I hadn't taken any with her.  I love her and I felt so lucky to get time to hang out.  She made the trip out here and had to replace the breaks in her van and then the whole ride home had electrical problems so I know it wasn't easy but I sure felt grateful.
Ike seems to be surviving okay since they left.

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