Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bean Town

I don't spend very much time blogging about things in the news but this week two really sad things happened and they both reminded me about my time as a missionary in Boston.
The first is one that everyone knows about.  Two bombs exploded during the marathon which killed 3 people and injured over 100.  I, along with everyone else, was horrified.
It struck me harder than usual news stories and I think it is because I have tender feeling for the city and also because I am a runner.

Elders Maldonado, Hatch, Fryer and Anderson
The second tragedy wasn't mentioned in the national news.  One of the Elders that I served with passed away.  Elder Hatch was my zone leader during my early days as a missionary.  At that time I felt like I was unskilled with my Spanish as well as in the basic day to day duties of a sister missionary.  He acted as an older brother and truly mentored me at a time when I was feeling homesick and vulnerable.  He was a great leader, and a true friend and his example had a huge impact on my entire mission.  In the picture is also Elder Anderson who was another good friend that passed away right after finishing his mission.
I haven't kept in touch with many of the friends from that part of my life and I wonder if it is sort of because I want to keep my memories like this picture.  Frozen forever in a special time where all my worries were about how I could help others.  I think that when you share spiritual experiences with others you build very special friendships and those of us who served together in the MBM will always be close.  While I was a missionary it was the hardest thing I had ever done, but when I look back all I can remember are sweet moments of love and testimony.  So I am sharing this photo on this blog so that I can always look back and remember my mission brothers, and feel grateful for the opportunity that I once had to wear the black name tag.

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Laurie said...

A very nice post Marci. I'm glad that you have those good memories.