Thursday, April 18, 2013


(Helmet - Paul's $20, frog boots and layer dress - Hand-me-downs $0, Sprinkles-Dollar General $1)
Daisy went out wearing this the other day and contrary to what one would expect, this made her one of the cool kids in Eugene.  The boots are self-explanatory because nobody can be hip with wet feet.  When I was little the only children who wore bike helmets were "special".  I think that special kids are great, nothing against them, but in this town the kids who wear helmets are the lucky ones that have bikes.  There are always a bunch of them wearing them at the park.  This is where Daisy's shrewd sense of fashion came in because she doesn't have a bike.  It is like those ladies who wear glasses even though they don't need them because it is stylish.
She accessorized with her "pet" Sprinkles.

In other Daisy news she is potty training which is an exciting time for any mother.  She has actually been quite a champ with very few accidents.  The problem that arises is that she tries to bargain with me about rewards.  She will tell me that she has to go and then stand by the bathroom.  Then the bargaining begins.  I'll start with a sticker and she'll counter bid for a sticker and a cookie and then after a pretty intense exchange she usually ends up with a sticker and one fruit snack, and we are both happy.  I read somewhere that you shouldn't let kids tell you what the rewards should be because then they don't think they have to do what you ask.  I also read somewhere that the best thing you can do with your child is to teach them to compromise.  So there you have it, I'm either the best mom or the worst.  Either way, my kid is potty trained.

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Laurie said...

I love every bit of it! Congratulations on the potty training... I think we're finally getting there too. Happy day.