Sunday, May 5, 2013

5 Years Old!

 Rocky's birthday was on a Monday so it mostly consisted of business as usual.  To brighten it up a bit we made crepes for breakfast.

 Rosy didn't know that food could be that good.
 She had lots of great presents to open from her grandparents and we went to the Sweet Life for petit fours.  Brandon described them as a quarter the size of a cupcake and twice as expensive.  Who would have thought that my girls would be so thrilled with such tiny cakes.  She also went to her soccer practice which she loves.  I'm not sure that it can really be considered soccer because it is high school students leading a  series of circuits, one of which is Duck, Duck, Goose. 
Rocky is as enthusiastic as ever and her creative little mind keeps every day fun. 

The other day she turned on the news while she was in the bathroom and after a minute she came running out and said, "MOM!  I just heard the news!  Someone went to Mexico and did something!"
She was pretty proud of herself for filling me in.

She loves school and playing outside and she has recently bonded with her friend Garrett by liking the cartoon Ben Ten.  She has some great dance moves and has a great memory for lyrics to top 40 songs.  She recently has been climbing trees and riding her bike.
I can't believe she is 5.  How can it only be 5 years since I became a mom?  It feels like she has been a part of my live forever.

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Lindsey and Isaac said...

Reading your blog makes me happy. You guys are the best.