Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Bunch of Rose Bud

Not sure if she is waving or asking for a handout
 Rosy is growing so fast and I am feeling distraught that I haven't caught more of her life on camera.  The last week or so every time I look at her she is being adorable and I pull out the camera.  This may seem like an overabundance of photos but trust me, I'm only scratching the surface here.  The problem is that she is just bursting with cuteness. 
 She has become pretty expert at wriggling her way out of anything that tries to impede her ability to move. 

When Brandon shaved his beard she was terrified and would burst into tears every time he looked at her.  He had to hold the bowl in front of his face and then they could be friends again. 

 She is proud of herself now that she can sit on her own, and now that she has her very own cheering squad.  Rocky and Daisy were so thrilled that they gave her a standing ovation.  There might be a day when she is older that being the little sister doesn't come with this kind of glory, but for now she is eating it up.

She has got the entire family in the palm of her hand and we all are happy to be there.

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Jenna Lovell said...

She is so super delicious! I love her in the red and yellow outfits, I just want to snuggle her so bad. Your three little girls are awesome, I love to see them in pictures. Thanks for the cute post!