Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Swinging in the Rain

 I heard that princesses tell each other horror stories about this sort of thing.

 We went to the softball game to watch our U of O girls kick butt.  They are an awesome team and we had a great time in the rain.  Even though it never rains at Autzen it apparently does at the softball field, a lot.  If anything the rain just added to the fun.
Brandon carefully explained the finer points of the game to the captivated audience.

 In unrelated Rosy news, you cannot believe the carnage we encountered the other day when she got ahold of one of those pink animal cookies with the sprinkles.  Poor little elephant.

I am thinking that I should make it an official policy to start and end with a baby in the bathtub.


Lindsey and Isaac said...

cute, cute, cute. You and Rosy have matching eyes. And your splits from the race were awesome, by the way.

Micha said...

We were going to go to that game but scrapped it because of the rain. We're slackers, I know. I think this is adorable and I love the frosted animal cracker carnage! That kid has good taste.