Saturday, May 4, 2013

Everybody Springtime!

 Rocky lately has been doing this ridiculous thing where she will come inside with a handful of leaves or flowers or small pieces of things she found outside and then she will throw them into the air and yell, "Everybody Springtime!!"  She thinks it is cute but it drives me nuts because it takes a lot of time to clean it all up.  Luckily now that it actually is springtime she can do it outside.
We have been spending all our extra time out doors and have been trying to load up on all the Vitamin D we have missed during the rainy season.
Daisy has been doing a lot of photography sessions while we have been outside.  I had no idea how much photography until I looked at my camera just now and found that she has taken almost 300 photos.  Most of them aren't what I would call professional, but there are a few that have definitely made me smile.
Thank goodness the olden days of film are over or she would be in some serious debt.
It is hard to believe that we used to only have 24 exposures on a roll of film and that we actually had to wait to see them.  My kids will think I'm a dinosaur when they hear about that.

 I thought this photo was pretty awesome because this kid looks like he is the size of Godzilla.  He seems to be terrorizing the town and probably just ate the person who had been riding the four-wheeler.  I guess it is easy for me to imagine him as kind of a destroyer because he is the same kid that has repeatedly stomped his way through our garden plot.  Just the sight of his shoes brings horror to the hearts of the inhabitants of our  carrot village.  Daisy was able to capture a real moment here.

Daisy and Kason
 In the red door neighborhood we've been having a lot of slip n' slide parties. 
 We have been seeing a lot of this kid lately.  His name is Mohammadou and he and Rocky are in school together.  He is what you might consider the bad boy of the class.  When I say bad boy I of course mean that he is cool, and also that he is extremely naughty.  Yesterday I saw him standing on his scooter, on top of a car.  I'm not kidding.
He tells me quite frequently that he is going to marry Rocky.  I asked her if she was going to marry him and she told me no because she wants to marry Justin Bieber.  I'm pretty sure that she doesn't know the Bieb but she assures me that he lives in Eugene, on Main Street.  This is funny on several levels because there isn't any place here that is referred to as Main Street but I think she got the phrase from NPR during the Presidential elections and if there is anyone living there it is not Justin.
She must have told Mohammadou because the next day he announced that he had officially changed his name to Justin Bieber. 
I told her that I don't want any more talk of boys until she is older.  I'm sure that will solve the problem until she is out of college. 

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Jenna Lovell said...

This little bad boy of Rocky's class is very clever. I love that he changed his name to fit Rocky's plans. What is it about kids on top of cars in Spencerview? Did you know about the time my daughter joined two other girls on top of the neighbor's car and we had to split the cost of $800 to repair it? With a scooter though, I guess that would make for a faster getaway if he's about to get caught.