Saturday, May 4, 2013

Alpaca the Bags for the Field Trip

 I'm not sure if it is just Eugene or if it is a regular deal to take a field trip to the local alpaca farm, but either way Rocky's class got it done. 
Rocky and Fatima
 The farm is just a couple of miles up the mountain from our house but the view was beautiful.  I never knew how adorable alpacas are.  They look so awesome with their little mop top heads and the kids got to feed them carrots so they were super friendly.

 This crossed arms pouting is something that we've been seeing a lot from Rocky.  It's not my favorite.

 Joel and Rocky informed us the other day that they had broken up.  Joel said it was because they were fighting over a sword, but then Rocky said it is because they hate each other.  So far the love letters are still arriving daily so they must have worked things out.
Rocky and Joel - Frenemies Forever

I don't know who this kid is but she really, really wanted to be in the photo.  I was okay with it because I wouldn't want to exclude anyone.  I can't blame her if she wants to be a part of this family because we are pretty fun.  I was a little offended in the end though.  If you are going to photo bomb, the least you could do is smile. 

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