Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Riding the Potty Train

 Daisy told everyone we saw that she was potty trainin'.  It was a pretty intense week or so but before I knew it her chart was filled and she won her potty prize.  It also helped out that she had a huge basket full of Easter candy that we used as bribes.  She was funny about her chart and very deliberate in the choice of sticker that she made.  It took longer than it needed to fill it because she insisted that all of the people were wearing sticker sunglasses and snorkels.  She doesn't mind taking a little extra effort to make sure that things are done right.
I was less-than-thrilled with her choice of prize because I'm not really into the books that make sounds but lucky for me this one was broken when we opened it.  She doesn't understand that the buttons are supposed to do something so it is a win for both of us.

In other Daisy related stories we had an incident that included a certain ball being shoved up a nostril.
She found an air-soft BB outside and was having a great time playing until somehow it found its way in her nose.  She told us right away and Brandon and I both did our best trying to get it out.  I won't go into details about our methods, let's just say they weren't successful.  The doctor was really sweet and let Daisy look at a variety of long tweezers so they could pick just the right one.  They decided on the ones that looked like scissors and had kind of a flat end.  The actual removal wasn't too bad, but it definitely wasn't pleasant.  It was bad enough that when the doctor asked us if we wanted to keep the ball Daisy insisted that she throw it away.  The ball in the picture was innocent.  The one that actually was in there, it is important to note, was green.
In the end she made it out, no worse for the wear.  It actually worked out all right for her because she got to stay up until 10 o'clock, wear her p.j.s to the hospital, and was given a My Little Pony sticker as well as an orange popsicle.
I didn't get anything out of it,except the trauma of watching it all.  Hopefully we both learned our lesson - Daisy - that she shouldn't put things in her nose, and me- that Daddy needs to be the one that handles medical related problems in our home.

 Every night when she is getting ready for bed Daisy will say, "And in the morning we can have breakfast!!"  This very thought of another meal gets her so excited she can barely sleep.

How could you not just love this little girl? 


Jody said...

Oh my heavens she cracks me up. I didn't know about the nose drama. And I'm the exact same way about breakfast. I plan the night before what I want to eat, and in the morning, Brandon just has to get a bowl out and I wake up and am out of bed. Maybe that's why we get along. We're a lot the same.

Laurie said...

We have yet to deal with any up the nose drama, but if we do, I'm sure it will be Jonny. Your girls are all just awesome!

Sydney said...

Haha! The part about the book being broken is so me. I love it when I secretly triumph as a mother. Also, your experience in the ER is priceless. Go daisy!