Monday, December 2, 2013

Keeping up Appearances

I have mentioned it before but Rocky is always one of the first kids out of the door after school.  All the parents stand around waiting for the kids and since Rosy is usually in the party van I am usually standing back a little closer to the road.  She can't wait to tell me what is on her mind so she will start yelling as she runs toward me.  Once in awhile she wills say something normal about going to the library or playing at recess.  More often it is something completely random and it gets the parents all giggling.  Today she ran out and said, "Don't worry Mom.  I told all the kids at school about our Elf."
We don't have an elf, so I naturally was interested in getting more info, and if I'm not mistaken, so were some of the other parents.
She said, "You know, our Elf Under the Bed.  I mean, I made it up, but I told them it is what we do.  I said about how his eyes glow and I can see it when I peek under my bed at night."

Apparently the Rigbys have taken the Elf on the Shelf to a much more frightening level.  I would be concerned about what the other parents thought if I hadn't given up on looking normal the last couple of years when were dealing heavily with Krampus. 

Then there is Daisy who drew these "monster" fruits at a birthday party.  Monsters are totally birthday party friendly right?  

My kids are a little bit stuck in permanent Halloween mode but I can't really blame them.  All of this is coming from the same lady who couldn't resist seeing a notorious resemblance in her one-year-old baby.  It was just a perfect little Nutella Hitler mustache.

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Pam said...

hahahahahah! I love reading your posts! :) you and your family are simply awesome!