Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Spencer View Summer

Being here in Eugene has been such a great experience for our family and I feel positive that much of what has made it so amazing is our community here in student housing.  When Brandon first applied to schools the University of Oregon immediately sent information about housing options.  I remember looking through it and wondering what the next few years would hold.  I had no idea how much fun we would have, and I never could have imagined how much I would love my neighbors.
 Thankfully the allergy season seems to have moved on around here.  For a solid three weeks Eugene was the highest grass pollen count in the country.  Even people without allergies were getting sick.  But even record breaking blossoming couldn't keep us indoors on beautiful days.  Yan hooked us all up with masks and we survived Beijing style. 
 It is World Cup time again.  It took Brandon a couple of days to get over Spain's loss in the first round but with a little bit of ice cream therapy he seems to have bounced back.  I think he is actually having more fun now that the pressure is off. 
Brandon has already fulfilled one of his summer goals and has introduced the red doors to Kick the Can.  They still can't seem to handle a game on their own but as long as he is there to keep things under control they have a pretty good time. 

 Rosy doesn't really hide but she sometimes tries to steal the can, which in our case has been an empty milk jug. 
 Rocky's posture is pretty cool.  She points her toes to get maximum kicking control.  You might also notice that Daisy is playing in her Black Swan leotard which has become her good weather uniform. 
 Samantha had everyone out making homemade ice cream the other day.  I just walked out the front door and it was a kid cooking class. 

 If it gets too cold you can just bust out some Dora mittens.

For Rocky's last day of school I surprised them with their lifelong dream of eating a Lunchable.  Although I was too cheap to buy the brand so I got the no-name one which is probably made of even worse stuff than the original.  Personally I thought it was a little bit silly that the last day of school lunch was happening at 10:00, but I took the chance to be a cool mom while the bar is still low.  I took some photos so that I can show them that I, at least once, granted their truest desires.

 Rosy only ate the cheese and crackers.  She must have known that there was something not quite right about that meat.

 We have loved Rocky's teacher, Maestra Sanguino and I have to admit that I got a little teary-eyed knowing that next year she won't be ours.

Rosy got stuck in her seat and instead of helping her I looked for 5 minutes until I found the camera.  She wasn't amused.

 The other day she didn't want to take a bath so she squeezed in as far back as possible and tried to hide between the closet and the shelves.  Apparently she has a skill for getting herself stuck.  It was kind of funny though because I was only making the others bathe because they had gotten into the mud.  I wasn't even planning on making her get in.  She has never not wanted to bathe before and I just think it was because she was afraid of getting in with her dirty sisters.  She won.
I just think I have to take as many pictures of Daisy's chipmunk cheeks before she outgrows them.  Sometimes I worry that it is just a matter of hours.

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