Sunday, June 29, 2014


Don't get too excited.  It's just another Masters.
 After a few years of diligent work Brandon finished his Masters of Nonprofit Management.  We didn't go to the big graduation but we did skip church to go to the program reception which was a smart idea because they had a bunch of incredible food.  Anyone who knows him won't be surprised that he isn't into the pomp and  circumstance of ceremony.  You might notice how his robe and hood are bundled up on the ground.    In his defense, it was raining and I think he was actually trying to protect it.

 We are so proud of him and all he has been able to accomplish.  Being a part of this program opened up a lot of great opportunities for our family to get involved in the community and meet a lot of great people.
Dance Party

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Pam said...

one, you two have amazingly adorable children and two, you guys are my hero's! keep up the great work!