Saturday, June 7, 2014

Memorial Day

 We are going backwards in time.  The blog is a magic time machine and can take us all the way back to Memorial Day.  Brandon is so busy with school right now that he spent the day slaving away in the library but the girls and I went to our favorite place in Eugene, the Masonic Cemetery.  Some of you may remember it from our Halloween photos but this time we were there to complete the Memorial Day scavenger hunt.  Since we do spend our share of time wandering the pathways I knew that we had a little bit of an advantage.  We started about 10 minutes after a family with like 100 kids.  Okay so it was only like 9 and some of them were clearly not related but they were all together and I knew if we stayed focus we could overtake them.  It wasn't technically a race but Daisy had spotted some Silly Putty on the prize table and I knew that it wouldn't make it through the family in front of us.  Some of you may know that my home has a strict no Silly Putty rule because of an unfortunate incident a few years ago that we don't need to discuss.  I thought that I could bend the rule in this instance because the aforesaid incident involved Rocky and Rocky only and it seemed unfair for Daisy to be punished.
So the race was on.  Since none of my children can really read or write I had to do most of the work.  It was fine though because the kids in front of us each had their own paper and they took forever trying to write.  We passed them up in no time.  I figured that we had the prize in the bag but one of the girls sprinted ahead of us at the last second when I stopped to unload Rosy from the double jogging stroller.  Even though I had tromped through the cemetery trails with it it just seemed too uncouth to be taken inside the mausoleum.  In the end it was our fatal mistake and Daisy had to console herself with a mini American flag.  Rocky ended up with a bubble kit which looked crappy but made some pretty incredible bubbles.
Rosy got nothing.  After all, she is the one who lost us the race. 

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