Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lemonade Stand

 With a generous grant from the Oma and Opa Foundation the Riglets and the Cave-ites put together a lemonade stand.  It was supposed to be a service project to help the construction workers that have been slaving away under the hot sun in our complex.  The lemonade was free but somehow the tip jar was overflowing. 
 We had lots of fun with grandparents.  It was worth running those 26 miles just to get them to come out here and hang out with us.  They all just looked so cute crammed into the back of the mini-van. 

 They stayed an extra day so that they could attend Daisy's Head Start graduation.  It was a little lackluster since she is going to be going there next year and isn't technically graduating from anything.  Also because it was a lunch and program that was presented by kids who are 3 and 4.  Let's just say that their "High Hopes" song was the highlight and the "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" wasn't going to be breaking any record sales this year.
For her part Daisy was darling.  She is the sweetest little girl.

 Bonus Picture:
The Caption Says: Barack Obama is our first African American President
Rocky is extremely proud of this picture, as she should be.

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