Friday, September 22, 2017

Cool Places

 They put an aquarium in the mall.  Just in case in between your shopping and giant pretzel snack you can catch up with some pals from under the sea.  These kids, being Rigbys, were fascinated with marine life.

 It was a little traumatic because even though Rosy was wearing a giant cowboy hat, we somehow lost her.  She made her way out into the mall where a security guard found her and graciously returned her to us.  It was just long enough to be scary.  But, alls well that ends well, right?
Actually scared children.
 For the last couple of years Brandon has wanted to check out Classic Waterslides.  We both have memories of going there as children.  I was worried because so often when I return to a place I loved as a young person it has either changed or are is just not quite like I remembered.  Classic was perfect.  There had been a few changes but all of them just made it more Classic, if that makes any sense.
The slides are still fun and a little dangerous and there is hardly any supervision.  It is small enough that the kids can run up and go down freely which makes them feel grown up.
We all enjoyed it immensely.

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