Friday, September 22, 2017

Summer Summer

 Brandon and I spent almost all of our free summer nights watching old VHS tapes of Twin Peaks that we found out at the dumpster at Spencer View.  I had heard that it was a quirky mystery that is considered by some critics to be the best TV of its time.  We had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into.  Beyond strange is a more accurate description, but with intriguing characters that had me hooked after a couple of episodes.
I am writing about my summer in retrospect and I actually feel like Twin Peaks was a blessing for me.  The summer was hard in a lot of ways.  I was racked with stress about where our future would take us and it was a roller coaster as Brandon would get close to jobs and then in the end they wouldn't work out.  I worried about not having any insurance or a permanent address.  Brandon was struggling with all the rejections and frantically searching for new jobs to apply for.
During the day we kept busy with lots of activities and time with grandparents and aunts and uncles, but at night the stress monster would attack.  But somehow the weirdness of Twin Peaks saved me.  When I would lie in bed unable to sleep instead of trying to decide where to enroll the kids in school I could focus my attention on the log lady or trying to figure out how characters or symbols added up. The show is scary, so scary that I buried my head in Brandon's shoulders, too anxious to look.  It felt healing to be scared about an imaginary story and gave me a break from the real fears that were bugging me.
I don't know if I would recommend Twin Peaks to anyone, but I sure don't regret watching it myself. We still haven't watched The Return but the next time my life is in limbo I am going to seek it out.

Rosy colored this picture at church.  She pointed out the blue stamps and said, "And this is the holy ghost."  I am still laughing.
 Like I said, the summer days were delightful.  They were filled with all the lovely moments that make summer so fun. Swimming, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, picnics, picking raspberries, jumping on the trampoline, staying up late, watching Youtube with Opa, feeding the ducks with Oma, and eating so many popsicles.  The heat, the freedom, the time with family, it is all just kind of the best.

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