Friday, September 22, 2017

 We figured that in the true spirit of honoring Grandpa Howard we should go check out some yard sales.  Jill, Jared, Mom and I went out one Saturday morning.  The photo isn't at all compelling but we had such a good time I just want to remember.  We went all over searching out treasures and came home with much more than we needed.  We laughed at some of the funny things we saw and enjoyed the community camaraderie that brings strangers together.  I came home with an Indian cookbook, a set of Bocci balls and a new purse.  Mom got a beautiful water jug and Jill worked with the girls to get the new Lego Hobbit game ready to play.

We also checked out the Ogden Farmer's Market for Farm Day.  I never really feel like a city person until it is farm day.

The Bocci Balls are a hit.

Pie Face
 Who can these two little cherubs be?  Surely not my children that spend half their lives fighting.

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