Friday, September 22, 2017

Isaacson Camping

 The Isaacson camp out is always one of my favorite traditions and now it has become a favorite of of my kids too.  My phone died early on so I don't have a lot of photos.

The kids had a fantastic time fishing for the first time.  Their Opa worked hard to make sure that they each got to catch a fish.  Then we had the problem that none of them wanted to keep the fish they caught.  They loved playing with their cousins and doing lots of fun crafts with Kristin.  We hiked to a lovely spring and of course played lots of games.  Everybody made Woof 'ems and s'mores.  Of course there was a lot of time sitting around, snoozing in camping chairs and telling stories.  Ike spent the whole time jumping between his uncle and a couple of my cousins.  He is always ready to help with any job that needs to be done.  The girls were so busy with their cousins that I hardly even saw them. It was a gorgeous setting filled with people that I love and made me remember that there are good times no matter where you rest your head.

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