Sunday, September 23, 2012

Proud Mom

Things are going well with our new little one, well enough that we braved the big bad world this morning so that we could watch Rocky in her first Primary program.
She had practiced her part over and over again and we picked out her cutest dress and she was ready to go.
I should have known that there would be trouble when I looked up on the stand and saw that she had taken off the jacket that went with her dress and was sporting a huge Princess Aurora temporary tattoo on her arm.  Let´s just say that things went downhill from there.

Daisy had to show her tattoos too

We started out pretty good and in my emotional state of postpartum I was getting all teary-eyed at the charming little curly haired girl that my first baby has turned into.  Just having her be big enough to be up there kind of blows my mind.
Then the emotions started to change into something else.  There is always at least one naughty kid in the Sunbeam class that kind of keeps everyone entertained and I´m afraid to say that this year it was mine.  She did a pretty good job singing and added a little bit of dancing for good measure.  There was a lot of jumping, wiggling, and bugging the kids next to her.  When it came time to say her part, which was, "By forgiving others," I knew she was going to knock it out of the park because we had practiced it at least a hundred times.  True to form she choked and her teacher had to whisper it in her ear.  In her defense, when she said it, it was really adorable.
I was still okay at that point until I saw her sucking her thumb while picking her nose and it was clear that I wasn't the only one in the congregation to notice.  When her teacher tried some damage control by giving her a gummy bear she bit it in half and stuck it to her forehead.

I'm serious. 
She was up there with a huge proud smile and half of a red candy pasted above her eyebrows. 
By this point things started to seem ridiculous and I started to giggle with the people in the row in front of us.  Brandon wasn't amused he turned and said, "I'm glad someone thinks this is funny."
Needless to say I was relieved when the closing song finally came and I took Rosy and we made a beeline for the door.  I needed to get out of there fast because I don't want to miss my "Get out of Church Free" card.  It is only valid for a couple of weeks after having a baby and I need to take advantage of it before it is too late.

As for our little Rosy, she already seems like she is getting the hang of being alive.  She is super cute and calm and just loves to snuggle.

I've been taking it easy and I feel really good, probably because I have some awesome friends and Kathy and Brandon who have all been taking such good care of everything.
Rocky and Daisy are enamored with their new little sister and they just want to hold her and watch her squirm all day.  They are having tons of fun with their Abia and are soaking up as much love as they can while she is here.

For anyone giving me the stink-eye right now that bottle is full of breast milk and for the rest of you that are seriously grossed out right now just pretend I didn't say anything.


Laurie said...

Marci, you are awesome. So are your girls.

I suppose Brandon is pretty cool too... even if he didn't find the humor in Rocky's performance. :)

tlenox said...

Thanks for the story! What a great family you have.

Callie. said...

Love this post. You guys are great and I love all the pictures. Last year at Will's preschool performance I had to walk out I was so embarrassed...I figured if I wasn't there they wouldn't know who's kid it was. And no, I won't tell you what he was doing. But I will tell you, it was worse than what Daisy did, if that makes you feel any better. :) Love you guys!!