Friday, September 14, 2012


 I keep reading about how important it is for kids to understand that the foods they eat come from nature so in a hippie quest for one-ness with the earth we went out to Detering's Farm for the U-Pick peaches.  Never mind that we didn't do anything to actually grow the fruit, we at least got our buns out there to pick them ourselves.
Rocky filled up her whole bucket and then dumped them all into Daisy's so that she wouldn't have to carry them herself.  Daisy took it like a champ and hauled those buckets all over the place. 
 We went with some friends which made it even more fun.

 Rocky wasn't in the picture because she was having the previously posted about melt-down.
The day was beautiful and now we are enjoying our peaches.


Katrina said...

Your blog is making me homesick. I'm so glad you post about all your adventures and I can get a little taste of Eugene through your blog.

Kristin said...

Fun! I love going to Deterings! We might have to go on a hippie quest ourselves soon. (And I can't believe how old Daisy is, holy moly!

tlenox said...

Love Detering peaches. This is the first year in a while I haven't picked peaches and I'm lamenting. You look so adorable. Can't wait to see picks of the new little one sure to come soon. It was so great seeing you in Utah!