Sunday, September 9, 2012

Coos Bay

Daisy modeling her best Chris Farley face
 We headed out to Coos Bay for a camp out.  We usually take a couple of these little adventures but this summer being what it has been left us just one night to enjoy the Oregon coast.  When we left our house I toyed with the idea of taking along our raincoats but Brandon and I just laughed at the idea because it was so hot and sunny.
You'd think after 4 years we would know better.
The good news is that the ocean is just as beautiful, maybe even more so when it is overcast.
 At the campground we met up with Laurie and her family who have recently moved out there.  The park was really fun and had a great fort.
 They played a pretty rousing game of Duck, Duck, Beaver, which is a local take on the traditional game.  They also did the old trick of switching in a "Dork" here and there which makes me relieved that kids of all generations have a lot in common.
 It has been an adjustment coming back this summer and having to deal with the fact that a bunch of my friends have moved.  It is a good thing that they aren't that far and we can meet up.
 As it got colder in the evening we all started getting the cat crazies.

By the time it was dark we snuggled up in our little tent and Brandon told the girls the story of Luke Skywalker.  After the Estrella de Muerte (Death Star) had exploded Rocky said, " this Star Wars?"
I thought that after the girls went to sleep that I would get up again because it was only like 8 o'clock but I was so tired that I barely made it through the story before I was out.  It didn't make for a great night's sleep however because I woke up every 15 minutes throughout the night when the foghorn would ring out and I had to roll from one side to the other, which is kind of an undertaking at this stage of pregnancy, even when not sleeping in a tent.
Even without much rest it was still a fantastic trip.  Nothing is better than the combo of hanging out with my family and enjoying the beauty of this place.

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Micha said...

You are brave! I can't say that camping sounds too fun right before having a baby.