Friday, September 14, 2012

First Day

 Rocky had her first day of preschool and I was going to get the cutest picture of her standing in front of our door ready to go, but we were late.  I didn't anticipate how hard it was going to be to get her out of bed.  When she finally woke up she was super excited but by that time we had to just catch her while she was riding in the van. 
Daisy was really excited too until she realized that she wasn't going to stay.
I made it up to her and let her eat a popsicle when we got home even though it was like 9:00.  I ate one too.  I think we both deserved it.  
So far the two days of school have been smooth sailing.  Rocky loves it there and the only concern that she has had is that she is worried that I'll try to stay with her instead of leaving. 
Yesterday in the evening she sort of had a meltdown and had a huge tantrum.  Whenever there is a big blowout like that she will explode and then almost immediately calm down and be super sweet.  Once we got to the sweet stage she came over and said to me, "Don't worry mom, I would never act like that at school."
Part of me was relieved because I would be horrified for her teacher to have to deal with something like that, but the other part is bummed that she saves up her bad behavior for me.  I guess it works out though because I usually am the one that gets her best moments too.

Bonus:  This is the statue outside of the library that we always call Eugene.  Daisy sometimes refers to him as Opa.

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