Friday, September 7, 2012

All Settled In

We have been busy since we got back to Eugene.  We moved into a new apartment, in the red doors for those who know the place.  It came with its own apple tree which should prove for some pretty exciting dessert options in the next month or so.  We put everything back where it was and then threw all the rest of the stuff that we couldn't fit into the baby's room.  When she comes she'll probably have to squat on someone's couch for a couple of weeks until we clean out her space.

In the meantime we are trying to enjoy the beautiful weather as much as possible.
Rocky was convinced that she wasn't going to like the park until we actually got there and then she was smitten with it.  One day I hope that she'll start to trust me. 
Daisy still believes in her old mom and always wants to go.  She, as always, spent most of her time chasing after the ducks.
 We spent several minutes on a mission trying to rescue a beetle that had somehow ended up trying to paddle his way back to shore.  Once we got it out we realized how much it looked like a cockroach and wondered if we should throw it back.
 We've also been practicing in the kitchen and Rocky is getting to the point where she can actually be helpful.  The high majority of the time it still seems like more work than it is worth to have her cook with me, but she's coming along.  If you haven't tried the coconut chicken fingers from the Our Best Bites cookbook you definitely should.  She's got a couple more weeks of apprenticeship because once I'm busy taking care of the newborn Rocky is going to take over the kitchen.  I'm anticipating lots of spaghetti because that seems to be the only thing she wants to eat these days.
 My Uncle Jerry and Aunt Kaarina came to Eugene for a visit and we went to Glenwood for lunch.  It was really fun to see them and my girls were immediately attached. 
 One more family picture while we are still a family of four.

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