Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One Week Later

One week ago our little Rosy was born and it is hard to believe how much she has already grown.  She is such a sweet baby and, even though I've got a biased opinion, I think she is just the cutest ever.

This is the early start to her sassy modeling career.  It is also a good example of Rocky's favorite pastime which is sticking her finger in Rosy's mouth. 
When Rocky isn't there to do the job she can sometimes find her own thumb. 

Besides enjoying our newest addition the rest of us are just plugging along with normal life.
 After a hard day of preschool Rocky likes to kick back and relax for a few minutes.  It is hard work playing, singing and interacting with friends.  To be honest I'm not sure what they do because every day she tells me the same thing and it is that she plays with Playdough that smells good.
They have also been wearing themselves out by playing Don't Eat Pete with Abia.
 Bonus Picture:  I know there are a thousand of these, but I seriously can't resist these two cuties in the tub.


Laurie said...

I can't believe that it has already been a week. Little Rosy is so adorable! I love Rocky, she is just the best. We really miss hanging out with you guys. Definitely going to have to plan a Eugene trip soon.

Callie. said...

What a beautiful baby, and beautiful family!