Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rocky's First Day of School

 Rocky was thrilled to finally be starting kindergarten.  You can tell by her posture. 
 I know it is a complete cliche but even though I swear I wouldn't I got a little bit choked up when it was time to leave.  Mean old Marci turns into a marshmallow when it comes to her babies. 
Rocky, true to form, jumped right in without a second of hesitation. 
 She was one of the only kids who could understand the Spanish that her teacher was speaking so it was clear that right away the others were following her lead and that she would have no trouble making friends.  I was surprised that she could look so big and so small in the same moment.
After I blubbered my way home it was almost time to head back and pick her up, seriously, it takes me 15 minutes to get there and another to get home again.  I guess it was worth it though because when she walked out the door to a crowd of parents and said, "School was awesome!"  She was especially impressed by the magic spell that her teacher did at the end of the day that made it possible for her to speak English.

After school was over we took advantage of our 90 degree weather to turn our playground into a water park.  Who says the summer is over just because school is in session?
 Rosy wasn't into the water but she is practicing her begging face.  She is second only to Daisy when it comes to bumming snacks off of innocent neighbors.  I'm thinking that it is only a matter of time until she catches up to her big sister.  I swear I feed my kids.
 But really, who could ever say no to this face? 
Bonus Picture:


Kristin said...

Did you photoshop extra sparkles into Daisy's eyes in that picture?

Janet Howard said...

I cannot believe how big my little Rocky looks in her going to school picture. It made me cry, too. They are all beautiful! Om