Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Blue Pool

 We finally got the chance to hike to the Blue Pool on the Mackenzie River and it was even bluer and more beautiful than I had imagined. 
 The hike was about 4 miles and gorgeous.
 Rocky and Daisy are getting to be pretty tough little hikers.  Rosy was just getting started and had an incident with the backpack.

In a situation like this most moms probably would help their crying baby but it was just too funny not to get out the camera.  It's not the best photo because while it may seem that I don't have a heart at all, I do, it is just two sizes too small.  But even the smallest heart at some point needs to help a tiny person whose head is trapped in an arm hole and while pausing at a moment like this for one photo is completely legitimate, stopping for two seems too mean, even for me.
 This is not a camera trick folks, it is seriously this blue.  The river goes underground for a few miles and this is the lovely moment when it seeps back out into our glorious view.  I'm not sure why it is blue but I don't want to ask.  I've seen too many movies to know that unreal colors like this usually mean a chemical spill of some sort and lead to a tragic back story for a villainous Ice Queen. 

But really, this blue is not a chemical and it is unbelievable. 

And we made it back to the car just in time to beat the rain. 


Laurie said...

I think that might be on of my favorite places. I hadn't been there before that race and it was absolutely breathtaking. You guys are such a cute family. :)

Denece said...

I had one time where one of my boys had wrecked on his bike (after I told him not to ride in the road) and he knocked all 4 of his top front teeth out. I was so mean and made him pose for pictures as he's sitting there crying and missing a mouth full of teeth. =)