Sunday, September 29, 2013

An Extra Big Sister

 We had an extra kid here for a few days while her mom was out of town.  Aeryn fit right in and almost the whole time she was here, so was her pal Elsa.  With five girls all together we were basically in constant dance party mode.  It was fun, but I think Brandon might need his own guy-cation to recover from all the giggling.  I told him that he'd better just get used to it because it seems we have quite a few years of giggling ahead of us.
 Rocky made her famous deviled eggs for Abbey's birthday while she waited for her sisters to get home from school.  She loves kindergarten but since it is only a couple of hours we have a lot of time in the afternoons to work on projects.   
 Rocky and Daisy were both devastated when we had to go back to being a family of five.  (Which still to me seems really big.)
They felt a little better when they remembered that she just lives across the complex and they could visit any time.
 These flowers were painted by a friend of our new neighbors.  They looked so nice until the next day when Rocky's cheek was completely swollen.  I guess that a career as a face-painting model isn't in the cards for her because she was allergic.  The good news is that Daisy still has a chance.
I'm not sure where she learned the peace sign but I guess it just comes with the territory.
 Bonus Photo:

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Laurie said...

Look at you guys rocking 5 girls. I think that is something you should aspire to have...