Sunday, September 1, 2013


 Every couple of months I ask my girls what they want to be when they grow up.  Daisy is still pretty consistent with wanting to be a princess mermaid.  Rocky on the other hand has a new ambition.  When I asked her the other day she told me that she wants to be a stepmother.  I was confused but she explained that it is because she won't have to do her jobs anymore.  She said, "I'll have my husband and his kid will have to do all the work." Someone pointed out that she could just be a regular mom and make the kids do the work but she said that she knows that real moms still have to do jobs.  Thank you Cinderella.
Brandon reminded her that the evil stepmothers always get their comeuppance.  Rocky said that she didn't remember that part.
When I mentioned some of the stepmothers that we actually know she was less convinced that it was an easy job.
And in other news, the Ducks are back in action.  I've been to enough games that I have no reason to be shocked by the enthusiasm of this town but once again I was blown away by the crowd. 
We only stayed the first half because it was so HOT!  Who knew you could even get that hot in Eugene. 
The girls were less-than-impressed after about the first ten minutes.  They moved onto their snacks which lasted the next five minutes and then moved into a regular stream of complaints.  This is probably the first and last game they will be attending this season.  Now that they outnumber us my drive to provide a variety of life experiences is waning.  I'm thinking that from now on I should just lock them in the attic.  That is what I learned from Cinderella.

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