Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Dragoncita

 It is hard to believe that our baby dragon can already be a year old.
She spends most of her time sandwiched between her older sisters who completely adore her...more at times than she probably likes. 

 She loves to climb and wrestle with her dad and wants to be held all day long.  She also really, really likes to bite in a playfully cute but still painful way.  She is probably the most tan baby you've seen, at least in Eugene and people notice, every single day.  She is incredibly charming and has a funny little chuckle that she will give to those she considers legitimately funny. 
When she stays up late she gets hilarious and relishes in the moments when she can get other people to laugh. 
 When it was time to open presents she showed her dragon nature and used her teeth.

 She loved all the gifts and was kind of amazed by the fact that toys actually can be new.
 I was going to put her in a cute party dress for our little party but I figured that it was just going to get dirty anyway, besides, your first birthday is really the only one that you can legitimately wear a onesie, I wouldn't want to waste the opportunity.
 And finally the moment she has been practicing for during this entire year, using those chompers to get some carrot cake action. 

I can't believe that it has been a year already.  I have treasured this little girl from the moment she was born and I just want her to stay small forever.  Happy Birthday Rosebud!

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