Sunday, September 8, 2013


Yesterday we got to run the first Hero Up Half Marathon.  My friend Sydney introduced me to this race which was held in honor of her nephew that passed away last year from brain cancer.  All the proceeds went to help victims of childhood cancer.  Of course they went with a superhero theme which was absolutely perfect.
Since it was in Tualatin we also got the bonus of sleeping over at Katrina and Taylor's adorable house in Lake Oswego.  I am frustrated that I didn't take any photos because we had so much fun hanging out with them. 
Brandon dressed like the Greatest American Hero, a reference that I don't get, but that several of the police officers that were volunteering on the course got a big kick out of.

 I was inspired by my friend Ph. Dynamite (otherwise known as Emily) to develop my own persona.  The one thing I've learned about superheroes is that they can only be great if they have a great nemesis.  This led to the birth of the Ice Queen (IQ naturally) and her horrible minions, the Icicles. 
While our alter egos are sworn enemies, Emily and I are much closer to being BFFs.  Especially because she is hilarious.

 It worked out in the end for me because the fact that I was the only villain in the race brought me the glory of the Best Villain costume.  This also came along with Best Sidekick for my minions.  I think that this is a pretty significant moment in my life because as far as I can remember it is the first time I have ever won anything. 
Most people just saw a blue blur as I went by.
 The race route was incredible and went all through Cook Park on some beautiful bike paths through forest areas and across a bridge.  I was cruising along at a good pace until about 9 miles when I slowed down quite a bit, but my crown gave me the power I needed to plow through those last few miles and cross the line with a new PR (1:51:32).
Brandon came in just a little bit after me, which is kind of amazing since he has only been training for a month.  It has been fun for us to train together and I will miss the two of us pushing the three kids in both strollers all over Eugene.

After our race Rocky ran in the kids race after.  She looked like a little gazelle, effortlessly prancing along at a rapid pace, until she slammed into a little girl who happened to be crossing the road at the wrong time.  Evelyn bounced off Rocky, who is like twice her size.  She was okay and Rocky finished the race to claim her ribbon. I talked to Evie's mom after and she said, "It's all part of the experience."  I thought it was awesome.  I need to take that motto and use it more often in my life.

I had a great time with this race and I think that it was my favorite race so far.  The family that put it on did so with class and a sincerity that brought a special spirit to the whole experience.  As a mom of young kids I spent a lot of the race thinking about how much my daughters mean to me and how grateful I am that they have been healthy.  I was inspired and touched by the whole experience.
Thanks to everyone for such a great time.


Laurie said...

I love that you were a super villain, complete with minions! Great job on an awesome race. I wish I could've been there to cheer you on. Great job to Brandon too... and your girls... what a perfect day for the whole family.

Also, your hair looks adorable. :)

Micha said...

Didn't you watch the Incredibles???? NO CAPES! JK. You are awesome and adorable and I want to be like you if I grow up. Good job!