Sunday, September 29, 2013

Too Young and Too Old for College Parties

On Friday we went to the annual Romance Languages back to school barbecue.  It was fun even though it was raining.  This post is not about that party.
Once we were done hanging out with his cohorts we wandered over to the all-campus welcome back party and joined about a bazillion freshman as we wandered around trying samples and picking up a bunch of free junk.  Since as a group we were both the oldest and youngest people there we got to push our way to the front of the photo booth line and pose with part of the superhero coalition of Portland. 
Every club and organization that had ever been imagined had a table throughout the EMU and almost every single one had a wheel that you could spin for a prize.  Nothing is more charming to college students than a couple of excited kids so they would all encourage Rocky and Daisy to spin the wheel.  Then, they would give me a little wink and no matter what the wheel would say they would tell the girls that they were so lucky that they had won a piece of candy.  Daisy was beside herself with glee and couldn't believe that time and time again she had spun and won candy.  Rocky was more focused on trying to hit every table so she would give me her loot and run to the next table.  Daisy would follow but do so while she shoving whole candy bars into her mouth.  When I realized how much sugar she was downing I insisted that I hold her winnings in my bag. We stayed for about an hour and then it was getting close to bedtime so we headed home to let the students party into the night. On the way home Daisy asked me, "Mom, can I sleep with my candy underneath my pillow?"

I myself was preoccupied during the whole thing watching all the Freshman.  They are just so young and are in a moment where they are just trying to decide who they are going to be for the next few years.  Part of me was a little envious of the adventures ahead of them.  But, to tell the truth, the envious part is a lot less of me than the part that feels pretty happy to have a fantastic husband and three little cuties and to be a person who loves getting a full night of sleep, boring or not.  I also am old enough that I don't even feel self-conscious to stand in front of everyone and have my photo taken with fake superheroes.  Although, for full disclosure, having kids makes that kind of thing way less dorky, right?

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Laurie said...

I have a feeling that you two will never be too old for college parties... I'm sure when your family goes, it absolutely ups the coolness factor.

I use my kids as an excuse all the time to do things that might otherwise be considered dorky. :)