Wednesday, October 22, 2014


 The Rigbys hit the road and headed south  to Ashland.   We were lucky to have the  chance to attend a baby naming ceremony at a Jewish Synagogue there.   Our little Penelope was given the name Miriam and the whole thing was extremely beautiful.  I will never forget how lovely it was to be able to watch such a significant  moment in her life.  I wasn't sure if cameras were appropriate so unfortunately I didn't get  any pictures with the honored child  or her mom my dear friend  Abbey so  you will have to be content with the few I took while  we were hanging  out in Lithia Park.

Ashland  is known  for  its lithium  water.  It comes  out of these fountains bubbly  and stinky and  of course the kids thought it  was just about the coolest  thing they had ever seen.

 We  hit the park  just after Pride parade and there were rainbows and wild costumes everywhere we looked.  We also saw some ducks and a  few deer.   Once again I missed my chance at photographing the thing that  was actually interesting.

It was a great little mini vacation and even though it was exhausting  I will never forget it.

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