Sunday, October 12, 2014

At Farmer John's

Daisy and  Teacher Stormi
 We went with the Head Start kids on their  field  trip to the farm.  Farmer John is  the heart of the place and is as generous as he is kind.  He lets the  kids pick  apples, flowers, pears, pumpkins and  all  kinds  of gourds and squash.   I  think I just feel connected to  the place  because he makes me think of my Grandpa Ike.  

 Once we got home we were inspired to take a look at the last remains of our little garden.  We have one tiny little sugar pumpkin still growing and  a bunch of perfect little  carrots.

The thrill of  the  harvest.

You can't really tell from the picture but Rocky's  front tooth  is just  about to fall  out.  I told  her  that I am a little bit  sad because  then instead of her cute little teeth she is just going to have a big  gap.  Her  response: It is cool to have a gap because  then you look like  an old  lady when you are still a little kid.
I  hope  that  philosophy hold in her life and she will always think it is cool  to look like an old lady.   

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