Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Running for Cover - The Rain is Here

 Rosy is a little  packrat  and won't sleep unless she has a  bunch  of  books  and her blanket  and her  animals. Once she finally does get to sleep I usually have  to wake her up for the after  school pickup.  She usually stays mad until Rocky actually comes out of the school then she follows her around  and  mimics her  big sister who has  to say goodbye to every kid  she  knows.  All the kids always laugh because she  says it like they should all know her. 

We had  just vacuumed the floor and were having a treat after family night so I made them  all sit  in  the kitchen to keep  the crumbs under control.   Rocky told me that she was just thinking about things in the middle and Daisy said, "Like me!"  I  know how  you feel sister.
Rocky has been  doing the loose front tooth chew lately.   I can't believe that it is still hanging on.
 At this rate she will be 15  before it  finally lets go.     In the meantime she has a pretty cool snaggle tooth that  practically pokes you in the eye when you look at it.
 Don't believe  anything about this picture.
 The rainy days have made for  some  pretty fun covered patio tea parties.  Our sweet Saudi Arabian neighbors always provide  all kinds of  treats  for the kids.  Most days they are out playing and come  home covered in Oreo cookies.  Part of me wants to keep the sugar away but an even bigger part of me  wants them to have  that fun old feeling that we used to have in the  old  days when I was a  kid and it was okay for neighbors to give out cookies.  Arif is the favorite of  all the kids.  He is the dad  that is always out playing  with everyone and has an especially soft spot  for Rosy.   
 Yan had a surprise  birthday celebration for me  and we all got sick from eating so much coconut cake.

 Chef Cuzine is still bringing in some pretty great  business.   The new addition is  that when they are  working  in their  restaurant  they go by their chef names.  Rocky insists on being Jaquel.   Daisy has  had a few different  names but hasn't settled  on  one officially.  They have been calling Rosy Georgie but she doesn't seem to understand that they are talking  to her so  it  may or may not  stick.    The thing that hasn't changed is that they are still serving all kinds  of beautiful foods.

Georgie the Baby Dragon

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Debbie said...

Oliver loves to take his toys to bed too. Every night it is "Thomas, and monster truck, and..." So cute that she does it too.