Thursday, October 2, 2014

Back to School

 Of course  we were  running late on  Rocky's first day of school and  I  still wanted to take a  picture.  Daisy and Rosy refused to move out of the way so I conned them into taking a picture in front of the Chef Coozine kitchen.   I am stuck with the old tradition of the solo shot in front of the door.
It will come as no surprise to anyone who has ever met this girl that she had no trouble adjusting to the whole day schedule.  She would go to school from dawn to dusk if  she could.  When she got home I asked her how it  went and she hesitated and then said, "It was pretty much amazing."

Daisy went back to Head Start for another year.  Clearly Brandon doesn't have the same rules as I do about the tradition.
 Rosy was clearly also  happy to be there.  

I find  it hilarious that  we  have to take  Rocky to her school on  the  other  side  of town but  Daisy rides the bus an hour to the school that  is  less than a mile from our door.  If we could  only work it out  the other way my life would  be much less hectic.   I like to complain about taking Rocky to school because it makes me seem  like a really good mom, especially because I am doing it so that she can be in the Spanish immersion school.   I don't usually admit in  public that Daisy has to take  the bus to the U of O campus which is basically next door.  That might make me look like a loser.    It is  all about the presentation folks.

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