Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Until Next Year

The school carnival ended up being on the same day as  the last Oregon Track Club 5k and surprised does not  describe the shock that I felt when Rocky made the choice to  do the race.  It worked out for her in the end because she  ran her best race and won hats and shirts and also got a whole bunch of  pizza.  The night was lovely and full of friends. 
The real star of the night was Daisy who ran her little heart out.  She and Bijoux were supposed to take  turns riding in the stroller but she was  a little trooper and  took one for the team by  running the entire  way when her friend didn't want to give up the  seat.
Rosy sat in the other  seat and complained for three miles that she wasn't going to share her water.   She isn't really into the races so much.   But she sure looks good in that hat, and she managed to polish off  two huge  pieces of  pizza.  She probably  could have charmed them into giving  her  another if  we had let her.
 We are already excited  for next year.

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