Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hero Up

 We had a fantastic time running our second Hero Up.  I was all ready to sign up for the 5k but Rocky begged to  do the 5k.  She  ran  her little buns off and I was a pretty proud mama.  
 Rosy wasn't much of a runner when it came to the kids race, but she sure looked good in her boots.
I couldn't have been  happier to  see so many friends.   It was like a high school reunion except that it was fun and I was excited to see every one of the people in attendance.
 Afterwards we went to check out the Saturday Market in  Portland. Conveniently the superhero costumes double as excellent garb  for playing in  the fountain.  You may wonder how we got  Rosy's tights off  without actually taking off  the leotard.  Let's just say that it might be her super power.
 We watched the Duck game at the Funk's house, which I like to refer to as our summer home on Lake Oswego.   We spend so many nights there that we basically share ownership by now.  
 Of course we had to get our hair did by our favorite stylist.  And there was one pretty epic pajama party that happened after all these kids finally went to sleep.  But you know what  they say, what happens in Lake  Oswego...
I didn't  take a picture but I should have one of me hanging out with Katrina.   She is such a wonderful friend  and when I think of being in her home I am filled with cozy, happy,  contented feelings.  It was a perfect weekend filled with friends which was good because it was  also the beginning of two weeks without Brandon.  I won't go into details but I will say that it was  a  good  thing  that  I had  been enriched with  love and  support which filled the canteen that got me  through the desert.

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Katrina said...

This post makes me happy. :) I love spending time with you and your family and I'm so lucky to have you as a friend!