Thursday, October 2, 2014

Is She Still a Baby Dragon?

 Our little  Rosebud turned two.  Is she still  a baby?   As far as I know dragons have much longer lifespans so she should be a baby dragon for another 15 years or so.   I could be wrong because I really don't  know that much about them.   I will have to check with my niece Joanna who is an expert in these types  of  things.
I still think she is a baby but she doesn't agree.  She thinks she is old enough  to run the show.   It is clear  that she is two because one morning she woke up very talented at throwing fits.   It was almost  like she had snuck out and attended a training on how the cliche tantrum is performed.  She kicks her feet and rolls around on the ground.  I know that when Rocky was at this stage I thought it was horrifying but now it just kind of strikes me as humorous.    Especially because she loves  to wear  pink cowboy boots  and it is just a little too delightful when they are  kicking around.  It is the same trick with the  pigtails.   They make her mischief seem endearing somehow.     

To celebrate we took her to the zoo  in  Portland.  Mostly we were out there picking Brandon up from  the airport  (thank goodness, we missed him  so much) but it seemed to be a good way to celebrate the birth of our little animal. 
 It  was a  good choice because she was enthralled with the place.

 Daisy was so tired that she just  sat hugging this post,  refusing to move.  We just left her there.   Hopefully the zookeepers are keeping her fed.

Rosy is a pretty awesome kid.  She figures out how to do anything she wants and has no trouble keeping up with the bigger kids.    She is adorable, obviously.  She speaks a crazy little language and has an accidentally (I think)  foul mouth. 

She has this whole family wrapped around her  finger  and we love her  so much.

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