Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hanging with Howards and Another Story

 We went out to Springville to see Matt and his family.  I hadn't been to their house since we were helping them move in last summer.  It was fun to be there again and see how they have made it into such a lovely home.  The kids had a great time hanging out together and almost killed themselves playing outside on the trampoline...according to Oma.  They made incredible pizzas for us and it was one of those sweet, lovely moments in life when everything just went perfectly.

 We spent the afternoon at the art museum which had a special exhibit about road trips and a fantastic interactive section for kids.  After playing for some time I am wondering if Chef Coozine may take on a 50s style from now on.

 There were a bunch of Minecraft crafts and Rosy was especially proud of her pieces.
 And now for something completely different:

On Sunday right during Hayden's farewell Ike and I ended up at Primary Children's Hospital.  He had been projectile vomiting repeatedly and had gotten extremely dehydrated.  They wanted to test him for a couple of other things but ended up diagnosing him with Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome.  Apparently a baby can kind of get into a pattern of vomiting and will not be able to consume fluids on its own.  After a bunch of tests and an IV to stop the dehydration he looked much better.  After all the tests came back negative and I was ready to laugh again Jill sent me a text:  You should have the hospital priest check him for a demon.

I was only there for a couple of hours and our problem was easily solved but it was clear in just that short of a time that Primary Children's is a very special place.

I was too worried to take many photos but I did snap this one.  The nurse had put heating packs on him to help prepare him for the IV.  She called them his boxing gloves.
You can see just how skinny he had gotten.  He was still struggling to gain weight and this really threw another obstacle in the way.
I feel incredibly attached to this baby boy and know that it is a great blessing that he is healthy.

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