Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Drive

It feels like we have made the drive from Eugene to Ogden about a million times and they all blur into one giant road trip in my mind.  This summer Jill flew all the way out to us so that she could help me deliver my four children to their grandparents.  It still feels weird to say that I have 4 kids, especially since Ike still seems more like a little bean than an actual person.  Usually we just hurry the trip, taking as few breaks as possible but Jilly and I decided to slow down a little bit and make a few stops.  The first one was at Sahalie Falls, which seems kind of a cheat because it is only about an hour from home.  We took a few minutes to breathe in the fresh air and rejuvenate our spirits and then jumped back into our assigned seats.

Somewhere between Bend and Burns Rocky informed us that she really needed to use the bathroom.  Since there is basically nothing for hours I told her we would stop at the first available facility.  On the side of the road appeared a gas station/general store/RV park that I have never noticed before.  Jill hauled the three girls in while I sat in the van to nurse the baby.  They used the bathroom and were just heading out when Jill heard a stern voice behind her.  "Ma''am."
She was convinced that she was going to be reprimanded for not buying anything or something.  She even thought for a second that maybe one of the girls had slipped something in her pocket.  Instead the woman who ran the store was chasing them down to give each of the girls a beanie baby.
As you can imagine, they were thrilled.  She said that it always made her happy to see the faces of kids when they are given a gift.  They came out to the car with giant smiles and I just didn't feel right about leaving without buying something.  Jill let them choose an ice cream which turned out to be another highlight of the trip, especially because treats like this are few and far between at the Rigby home.  It turned out that there is probably a reason that we don't buy ice cream on road trips...they are a big mess.
It was worth it.

Our next adventure was at the big slide in Burns.  Every time I pass it I am shocked that it can still exist.  Things like this that used to be "fun" have now become "dangerous."  I have to admit that when Rocky and Daisy started climbing the stairs to the top I wondered if all those injury lawsuits actually did serve a purpose other than just being a big wet blanket over the great parks we used to have.

I tried it myself and it was a little terrifying.  I was wearing a slippery skirt and I had to run when I hit the bottom so that I didn't face plant.  We all survived and were all the better for the stop.
The last interesting place we visited was somewhere in Idaho.  Ike was ready to eat and lo and behold a strange gas station appeared in the distance like an oasis.  We would have been happy with a place to stop the van but were pleasantly surprised with a couple of alpacas that delighted the girls.  Jill took them out to feed the cutest animals you've ever seen.  I got to watch from my perch in the passenger seat while Ike ate his fill.  When they went inside the woman that is in the photo didn't think anyone was looking and she took her gum from her mouth and fed it to the alpaca.  It was kind of sweet and super weird at the same time.  The alpaca took a taste and spit it right out which seemed hilarious.  I keep thinking about it and I still can't figure out why she would think that was a good idea.  People are so odd when they think nobody is watching, but everyone should know that someone is always watching.
We made it in good time, without any troubles.  Jill is a great travel companion and the kids were all good sports.  I think they watched 5 movies, which is to say that they were happy as clams as the miles melted away.  The way there is always more fun because at the end of the road they get to be with their grandparents.

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