Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hobbit Beach

 Since Jill was in  town we thought it was time to explore Hobbit Beach and it lived up to all its hype.  You can only get to it at the end of a short, lovely hike.   It is great because it is nestled between two big cliffs that block the wind.  We naively wore swimsuits thinking that the heat of Eugene would transfer.   Thank goodness I also  packed jackets for everyone.   It was warm  enough that it was fun and cold enough to give us a refreshing break.  There is something especially delightful about comfortably wearing a sweater on the last day of July.

It was Ike's first trip to the ocean and he was obviously impressed.

 It was  also  the first time in a couple of years that we actually remembered to bring our sand toys. 

There is nothing like a lovely day on  the Oregon coast.

And on the way home Rosy barfed.  She said she was sorry.
Bonus Story:
As a parent there are so many teaching moments.   Yesterday at dinner Rocky said, "Abbey said that she saw a guy with the flag of slavery on his car so she gave him a finger.  What does that mean?"
Thanks Abbey.

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