Sunday, August 2, 2015

There is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch

 We have spent our summer eating free breakfast and lunch at South Eugene High School.  Every morning and  every afternoon at  noon I bundled Ike up in the Moby wrap and we  walked a block over for the meal.  The girls made friends with Anne who hooked them up with extra tater tots and Popsicles.  They loved going there because they could choose their lunches and always carried a couple of  extra pieces of fruit home.  It is hard to describe how fun it has been.  Lots of times other friends would walk over with us and we would all sit in the cafeteria like we were students.  Some people  turn their  noses up at  school lunch food but I ate school  lunch from first grade to  senior year and I have warm  and happy memories of  sitting at round tables eating hot lunch with my friends.  It has been especially helpful this  year because instead of spending my afternoons making food and cleaning  the kitchen I have had a little bit of  time to just hang out with the girls.   We are heading to Utah tomorrow  so Friday was our last day and it was sad to say goodbye.  Hopefully what we really meant was, see ya next summer.

The weather again sent us into a heat wave.  The other day it hit  106  which is hot anywhere but is absolutely ridiculous in Eugene.  Luckily we learned some tricks during  the last hot spell so our apartment stayed cool-ish.   We thought we would head to Amazon Pool to beat the heat and found that everyone else had the same idea and the pool  was filled to capacity.  That means 1034 people were crammed in there.  There was only a little line and if we had waited we probably could have  gotten in but the thought of all those people sent  my blood pressure soaring so instead  we  opted to get out the kiddie pools at home.   Jill saved the day by bringing magic water balloons.  You just hook them to the hose and in a few seconds you've got 25 water balloons ready to go. 

 It was an intense battle but in the end everyone was soaked and  happy.

 Now that I see the photo we probably didn't have much more room than the folks at the pool.  I was still happy with the choice because every time a kid splashed my face it was at least a kid I know.

Afterward we  set up the restaurant again so that Rocky could work on her skills as a waitress.  Yumm bowls are apparently now available at Chef Coozine.
 I have been so focused on  people moving out that I forgot that new people would be moving in.   The girls came running in the other day yelling that there was a PINK CAR!!!  Not only is it pink but it is also a Porsche.   It is hard to tell but it has a matte finish on it, and two stuffed  tiger toys on the dashboard.   Wow.  We still haven't  gotten  a glimpse of  the driver but have no doubt that he or she is pretty fun.

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