Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back in Time

 Mike's work party was at the American Heritage Farm and we got to transport ourselves back in time.  Since Indee and Brandon were the only two of Mike's 9 kids that could make it the Howards filled in and were there to enjoy the fun.
We panned for gold.  Kristin was the best at it and if it hadn't turned out to be fool's gold we would have all left rich.
 Who ever knew that anyone could look as cute as this in dirty bike helmets?  They were wearing them on the pony ride which they did several times.  They were good little cowgirls.
 We had a delicious Dutch Oven dinner and we were all stuffed.
 It was great that we could lock the kids in the jail in the caboose and ride the train over and over again. 

 These girls adore their grandpa.

Bonus Pictures:
 We went swimming with Tara and Sue and their girls.  We had a great time except that my girls were acting like wild animals.  We were at Sue's sister Nancy's house.  When we first got there we were all admiring Nancy's lemon tree.  It was so cute and had one perfect lemon hanging from the branch.  It isn't easy raising citrus fruits in Utah but she's a great gardener.  We had only been there about 5 minutes when I realized that Daisy had picked the lemon.  What a stinker!
They missed their naps and later while hanging out with Ghostbusters Daisy fell asleep on the floor and the kitten joined her.  When I saw her knocked out like this in her Snow White dress I decided that I could probably forgive her for the lemon incident. 

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Laurie said...

Snow white and the kitten is great... I can see why the lemon incident could be forgiven. Sure miss you guys.