Tuesday, August 14, 2012


We've been having a lot of fun being spoiled, eating a ton of treats, and playing dress up since we've been in Utah.  The girls, especially Daisy have lived in princess dresses.  This photo is pretty unique because Daisy has laid claim to the Snow White dress and I have no idea how Rocky weaseled her way into it.
 Here they are walking in the footsteps of their Great Grandpa Ike and showing off their fire fighter blood.
 We went to the Parade of Nations in downtown Ogden and ate some great food.  I was watching the dancers and after a few minutes realized that I didn't see Rocky anywhere.  Before I started to panic the thought crossed my mind that she had probably wandered off to find somewhere cool to escape the ridiculous heat of the evening.  I went to the spot where there was a mister machine and there she was snuggled up with one of the dancers from Indonesia.  First I took a picture, and then after we were out of hearing range I gave her a lecture about disappearing. 
 One project I have been working on was to crochet these beard hats for the two nephews that are going to be born in the next couple of months.  When I finished I needed a couple of princess models to show them off and was lucky to find these two.  I never realized that my daughters would be just like their dad in that they all look super cute with beards.
 We had to take a trip to the splash pad and play in the fountains with Oma.  I would have taken more pictures but they spent most of the time sitting in the shade eating snacks.
 I also had to get involved in the salsa making with my mom and dad. 
 Between the three of us we whipped up a huge batch which Rocky and her cousin Ethan are doing their best to devour.
 Kathy threw her three expecting daughters-in-law a baby shower and it was the first time in a long while that we were all together. 
 We are all due within about a month of each other so Grandma is going to be getting her fill of snuggling newborns.  Becky is due first, then me, then Debbie but you never know how these things will go...so the race is on. 
 The girls spent almost the entire time eating candy and chillin' with their Tia Cara that they adore.
 Rocky did take a break from the sweets to try her Grandpa's purple cauliflower.  She loved it because it matched her shirt.  There is something about veggies that makes them taste better when they come from the garden of someone that you love.
 I'm not sure if Mike spends more time growing his garden or trying to give away all the excess veggies that he ends up with.  This is the wheelbarrow that he parks in the church lobby every Sunday to feed the entire ward.  They are lucky stiffs because it would cost an arm and a leg to get this stuff at the market in Eugene.

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Laurie said...

So much cuteness piled into just one post!! Love the bearded hats, so glad you made them, they turned out great. I really miss that Rocky girl of yours, purple cauliflower is awesome! Good luck with the pregnancy race... hope you win this time, unless of course you'd prefer to lose. :)