Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eugene or Bust

Becky sent me this picture that we took right before we left Utah.  I wanted to post it because it will be the last one of us all together before they have their own little baby boy.  

We enjoyed our drive home in our new mini-van.  The newest member of our Rigby team is a gold Honda Odyssey and it sure made the trek between our two homes much more endurable.  It may have been better for the mere fact that we had space for all of the baby stuff that I had stored at my mom's house and 50 lbs. of produce that Mike sent.  It was also really nice after a couple of years without to reintroduce our family to air conditioning.   The DVD player seemed like it was going to be pretty fun for the girls, but they were bored in about 20 minutes.  Daisy refused to wear the headphones and Rocky said that the movie was just "too long." 

The highlight of the trip was when we stopped in John Day and Daisy got to shake hands with this M&M.  I guess it proves that we are boring, and that we were really blessed to make it home again without any trouble.


Mama B said...

yay you are home!!!!! It looks like you had a grand and awesome summer. I am quite jealous of your new mini van. Hopefully we will be getting one soon, or at least have a solid reason to get one. We are leaving for Utah this next week and plan on making the trip with our kids in one day, yikes!

Laurie said...

Look at your cute belly! I miss you guys.

Congrats on the new car... we are twinsies. :)

Rusten and Karen said...

Looking forward to seeing you soon!