Wednesday, August 1, 2012

You Think this Post is Long?

I thought that in order for me to remember the joy of travel that I would document each step of our return trip. We left the apartment at 11 and Daisy insisted in carrying her backpack even though it almost outweighed her.   
 Our first form of transportation was a taxi to the bus station.
 The bus that Daisy drove gave tours but technically wasn't part of our trip.
The next official step was the 3 hour bus ride into Mexico City.
Enthusiasm in its purest form
 The girls actually love to ride these buses.  They are actually really nice and they come with juice and snack bags and I don't know anyone who doesn't think that is cool.
 Once we got to the airport we had to take a train to get to the other terminal and then try to persuade an all of a sudden completely independent 2 year old that she needed to follow us.
 Then it was a flight from Mexico City to Houston.  Rocky always follows the direction to refer to the safety cards and review the escape routes.  She has looked at it enough that she could probably lead the talk herself.  She really hopes that one day there will be a reason that we have to evacuate a plane by going down the inflatable slides.
 When we got to Houston it was a scramble because we only had a tiny layover and we had to get through customs, claim our bags, re-check them, and go through security a second time.  We ran as fast as we could with the girls and despite being fooled into letting a little old Haitian lady crowd in line in front of us we made it to the terminal to find out that our plane had been delayed almost two hours.  It was okay though because I had just downed the last of some Diet Coke which I refer to as migraine medication so I was cheerful and understanding and despite being up past 10 o'clock which for me during pregnancy is unheard of.
We got some eats at Wendy's and Brandon nearly passed out when he realized it was $4.40 for a fast food burger.  I think he was having some serious second thoughts about ever leaving Mexico.
 Then we had just enough time to change into P.J.s and get the cat crazies before heading to Portland.
 I had forgotten how chatty Rocky is with strangers because the Spanish has kind of quieted her a bit.  With the other passengers who were waiting it was like she felt like she had to use all the words that she had saved up at once.  She is such a friendly kid.

After a seemingly endless flight to Portland we got off and took the shuttle to our car.  The girls had slept a bit and they were back to their super-hyper wildness.  I'm not sure which is easier to deal with when they are tired...grumpiness, or excess enthusiasm.  Both are kind of deadly.
 They were thrilled to see the car and I was glad that it wasn't another plane.  Brandon drove the excruciating 2 hours home and at about 3:30 A.M. local time we pulled into our parking space.
 Home Sweet Home!


Callie. said...

oh I bet walking into your apartment was the best feeling ever. I can't imagine how good that felt! And a bath in their own bathtub! What a treat. You deserve honors for making it through that with kids. Miss you guys, glad you have wonderful memories. And I am with you on the extreme grumpiness or extreme craziness, they are both entirely dangerous.

Laurie said...

Glad you made it home. Wish I was there to great you. :( I did leave a little bag of baby clothes on your back porch. I forgot to email you about it because we didn't have Internet for a bit and then I moved and then left for vacation and well, hope it's still there...

Daisy looks so much older! Your girls are so cute.