Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Baby Boy

This post is going to have some birth story elements so if you think that kind of thing is boring just check out the photos and skip the rest.  Basically what happened was that we went to the hospital and came out with a baby.  If  you are  interested  in a more detailed account read on.
We have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little Ike.  I was especially ready because while this pregnancy didn't  have any complications it has been really hard because I have been  so sick.  When I went to my  routine appointment  on  Thursday I had already progressed  quite a bit and Dr.  Cooper suggested that I head to the hospital on Saturday morning so that we could get things moving. 
As mentioned, I was kind of over being pregnant but the main reason that I agreed is that the delivery of my last two girls had gone so quickly.  For  the  last month I  have been terrified by every contraction thinking that  I would have an accidental home birth. 
When we got to the hospital the doctor broke my water around 9:30.  Brandon and I took a few laps around the hallways trying to get things moving and spent quite a bit of time looking at the bulletin board.  Parents can write the names of their new babies on a flower and stick it to the paper tree.  We found some pretty interesting ones including Khaleesi which due to the popularity of Game of Thrones has recently grown in usage.
At that point my two amazing friends Sara and Katie joined us.  Sara is a douala and the two of them combined forces to support me.   For the first couple of hours we walked and walked around and I bounced on the yoga ball and nothing  at  all happened.  Well, Brandon almost fell off the couch which was really a bed mascarading as a couch and that filled a few minutes with a laugh. 
I chatted with my friends and Brandon worked on making a mix-CD.  Just so nobody in the future when reading this making a mix-CD is an art that has already become outdated, but Brandon likes to keep things fresh.
The doctor came in and suggested that we try a little Pitocin but I kind of had my heart set on not using it.   He promised that he would only give me a "whiff".  Sara and Katie ran down to get some lunch before things got to wild.  They came back in at 12:30 just as I was having my first contractions.  A few minutes later Dr. Cooper asked if they were painful and I still had to say no.  The contractions continued to get longer but it still seemed manageable.   Then all of a sudden they were extremely painful and I was crying and Sara was helping me breathe.  Someone suggested that I try to  get into the water to ease the pains and Katie started to test the water.
I was crying and thinking I was going to die and someone said, "She is pushing."  The nurse literally ran out of the room, somehow I got on the bed and I heard the doctor say,  "He is right here."
Next I heard Katie's voice say, "HE REALLY IS RIGHT THERE!!"
I pushed and screamed and the baby was born.  I opened my eyes and Katie and Sara both had tears in their eyes and Brandon had a giant smile.   All I could think was, thank goodness that is over!
The doctor told me that he figured I was only in active labor for about 10 minutes.  Let me just say that 10 minutes was more than enough time for me.  I was in shock and Brandon said that I didn't even look at the baby for 15 minutes but when I did I saw the most beautiful boy.
 I was so grateful for my two amazing birth coaches that made me laugh for the first boring part and helped me survive when things got crazy.  I am sure that little Ike will have a special relationship with the Tias that helped bring him into this world.   I didn't get a photo with Dr. Cooper either but  he has been  with me through three crazy labors and I will  always be grateful for his skill.
 Brandon and I feel so blessed to have this  sweet little one join our  family.
 Baby Ike stole all the attention for Father's Day but he was also kind of the perfect  gift.  Brandon is an amazing dad and it has been lovely watching him with our girls.  I am already excited to watch this new bond grow.  It is obvious that they already adore each other.
 Of course there are three big sisters that are completely smitten.

 And Oma and Opa drove all day so that they made it just in time to be there.

 Now we are home and just enjoying being together.  With 100 degree weather forecast for the next week or so I am extra happy to just keep things calm at home.  If the girls aren't playing basketball with Opa or reading with Oma  then we are all probably just sitting around giggling at all  the funny baby faces that newborns make. 

 I have to admit that throughout this pregnancy I have had a lot of misgivings about having another baby.  Most families in Eugene have 2 or rarely 3 kids and having 4 started to  feel overwhelming.  Instead of being thrilled as the due date got closer I felt more and more insecure.  But now that I can see his squishy little face I am so in love.   There is no doubt that the next few years are going to be crazy in the Rigby home but I am sure that it is going to also be a lot of fun.
 For those of you who are into stats:
Isaac Grant Rigby
Born June 20, 2015
7 lbs. 13 oz.
21 inches
Delivered by Dr. Cooper
Assisted by Sara Harkness and Katie Cave
at 1:18 P.M.


Emma said...

I am so happy for you and your family! This post made me cry with a few emotions...mostly happy but also sad that I'm not there to love on him. We'll just need to make it up there and see this sweet baby. Love you all!

Emily Gilkey Palmer said...

I am happy to see that sweet onesie on your baby! It was brand new and a gift from one of my dearest friends, but little chubba chub was too plump to ever wear it. I'm glad to see it on a suitably dapper fella.