Saturday, June 6, 2015

Goonies Party

How else  would Brandon want to celebrate his birthday than by throwing a Goonies themed ice cream party.  
I was worried when it came time to put on our costumes because the sweatshirt that fit me perfectly a month ago when we bought it at Value Village has gone from snug to barely able to cover my giant belly.  
The girls were pirates, except Rosy who played the role of Steff, but only wore her glasses for the 4 seconds it took to take the photo.  Since then Rocky has been wearing them around the house and occasionally other places.  I told her that she really doesn't need to wear fake specs because in a year or two she will surely have real ones.  

 The party started out with a treasure hunt of course.  Brandon had buried a fancy box full of chocolate gold coins in the sand park that morning at 5 AM.    I was convinced that it had been dug up by the co-op kids that play out there all afternoon.
 After a tense few minutes they were able to dig it up and it was incredible.
 In all the chaos we didn't really get a lot of photos but it was a good time filled with awesome friends.
 Just in case you want to try your skills at the Goonies Trivia, here is a copy.
Every year I want to do something for Brandon on his birthday and he always manages to do something to take the attention off of himself.  The party represented him in a lot of ways because he is so creative and fun.  He has managed to hang on to the kid inside himself and has a special knack with knowing what kids will enjoy.  He just wants to make people laugh so that everyone will be happy and for us all to have ice cream. 

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Debbie said...

Did you also watch the edited version of Goonies??? I like the mug shots. They look nice, and cute.