Friday, June 19, 2015

NCAA Track and Field

 An anonymous donor gave a bunch of free tickets to watch the NCAA championship track meet.  We didn't realize it at first but it was really a bribe.  They had scheduled a bunch of Olympic athletes to give a motivational talk to kids but in order to pack  the place they promised  the tickets too.  Luckily for us the athletes were incredible and gave some great advice.  I am positive it is because at the end of pregnancy my emotions are ready to spill over but I was there bawling.  I am not so sure that Daisy was that into it. 

Then after a couple of hours of practically melting in the sun the girls were given a shirt and we got to move to the general admission section. 

 We were on the very top row sitting amongst a bunch of spider webs and it felt like paradise because it was shady and there was a breeze that blew through. 
 The Oregon Women won the championship and every race was incredible.  Being up that high made it easy to see all of the field events too.  It was great for the girls to see such incredible feats in sports and they cheered their little voices raw. 

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